Grow your own Green Earth

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It’s time to save the World from Global Warming, so we need to absorb as much CO2 as possible!

This amazing “Grow Your Own Green Earth” will be a fabulous show-case when set amongst all other household Plants.  It sends a message that our Earth is precious and that we have to look after the Environment we live in.  Every person that waters their “Grow Earth” is off-setting their Carbon footprint and playing a part in reducing the effects of Global Warming.  This is a fantastic Gift for literally anyone who cares about the Planet we live in.  It is topical, educational, fun, a very “interesting” Plant, a subject of conversation but most importantly, environmentally friendly.

Each Grow Earth is supplied with an eco friendly “Bamboo” tray which should be filled with water every day to nourish and nurture your own little World.

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