Gingerbread Voodoo Doll

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Introducing the quirky and mischievous “Gingerbread Voodoo Doll” – a delightful twist on the traditional gingerbread treat that lets you vent your holiday frustrations in a fun and unique way. This soft gingerbread doll is designed for those moments when the hustle and bustle of busy shops, the overwhelming aroma of sprouts, or the never-ending latte overload gets too much to handle.

The Gingerbread Voodoo Doll allows you to release your stress and frustrations by piercing holes in it. Each hole represents a holiday annoyance or a seasonal pet peeve. With a tiny, safe needle included, you can let your inner mischief-maker loose and prick away at the doll, relieving the tension and bringing a smile to your face.

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