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Grow A Mobster / Hitman / Godfather

Place the mobster, godfather or hitman in water and watch him grow up to 600%
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Product codeDP0240
Weight22 grams
Product dimensionsH15.2cm x W10cm x D1.4cm
Carton quantity144
Tariff code9503009590

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Come and get to know Vincenzo Mozzarella (aka the Big Cheese) and family… Sure they may look a little rough around the edges, but stick a plate of Mama’s Special Meatballs in front of them and they’re soft as pussycats… honest!

A product from our ‘Grow your Own’ Range, our Mobster/Godfather/Hitman has the ability to grow six times his size when left submerged in water for 72 hours. Made of a sponge-like non-toxic material which expands when placed into water, and when taken out of water slowly shrinks back down to its normal size too, so this product can be used time and time again.These come packed in an assorted CDU display box of 4 pieces of each.

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