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Fart Fan

Hand-held electronic fan for blowing flatulence away!
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Product codeDP0834
Weight103 grams
Product dimensionsH21cm x W16.8cm x D4.5cm
Carton quantity48

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Everyone must have at least one co-worker with a tendency to ‘let one go’ at the office. It’s not exactly a fun time, especially when said fart ‘lingers’…

Even in bed, it’s not beyond any man to drop an SBD (silent but deadly) at any given time…

This is why everyone should always carry on them a Fart Fan! Perfect for emergency fart displacements, using the most up-to-date fart wafting technology (a fan), blow those suckers away and carry on as if nothing had ever happened! (You could even direct them at somebody else!)

The Fart Fan is a solid, red plastic fan. The handle is in the shape of a cartoon-like character holding the fan in his hands above his head. As you can see in the picture, on his chest are the words ‘Fart Fan’. Fart Fans come packaged in a blister pack on headercard with hilarious retro-style artwork, fan requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.  

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